Why are our visions centered on the past?

Why are our visions centered on the past? I was asked the following question : ~ Why do we always see in our visions the things that happened before or the places that we left several years ago? ~ The answer to the question is : There is no accurate explanation for this phenomenon, and it can be said that what the questioner mentioned may be found among some, but its interpretation is not necessarily related to this past, as these things may be symbols, and have meanings, and these meanings may be related to other symbols in Vision, in the sense that these symbols are not main, but rather they are from what the mind has visualized and is still thinking about it, or in other words it is what the subconscious mind has reduced, and to know here that the vision from my point of view consists of basic symbols, side symbols, and non-basic, and these non-basic symbols He does not pay any attention to it – in most cases – so the answer to the question is that this thing accompanying the vision may be from what you yourself are familiar with and yearn for, and it is not necessarily true that it is a sincere vision, and I repeat the saying that what the questioner mentioned may be and not always be .