What about seeing snakes and snakes , and does it have a specific meaning?

What about seeing snakes and snakes , and does it have a specific meaning? Seeing snakes in general is very frightening, and they are the seventh of man, and man is seven, so fear him and fear them, and the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, permitted us to kill them in the solution and the forbidden in the hadith of five people who are killed in the solution and the forbidden, and he mentioned them in one of the narrations : the snake . For the writer of these lines, the meanings of seeing snakes vary, according to the time of the visions. In summer or winter, seeing it in the winter may be lighter, but it may be an indication of an improvement in the medical or pathological condition of the seeker, and everyone knows the link between the serpent and the medicine, and it may be an indication of healing from witchcraft, and the link between the serpent and magic is clear, and I mean the magic of magicians when The ropes became as if they were life, so Moses nullified their magic with a real serpent, and so let you know, O crossing, that seeing the serpent in the winter in particular may signify healing from magic ! And I know that you may be surprised by this talk, but this is the truth that I reached after consideration, analysis and study . Snakes in winter may be a sign of rain, and this deduction from their linguistic meaning, for they are alive and water, God made every living thing for us from it, and contemplate the word alive ! Seeing young snakes may have a pleasant meaning for a married woman, which is that she will become pregnant and then give birth, for small life is a metaphor for the existence of the soul or life of a new small being, which is this little newborn who will be born with the permission of God …. Here is a symbol like this, it may fear its owner, but And as you notice, its meaning is delightful . Long serpents in particular, may be a symbol of the intestine and the comfort or sickness that is going on in it, or it may be a symbol of relatives, and it may be the time of vision. Summer or winter is the biggest role for defining the meaning, whether it is good or bad, because the serpent is in summer and often has a bad meaning, and in winter it often has a good meaning, and it remains a matter of rendering the appropriate meaning to the vision, according to the information of its owner, on the crossing, and each and its subtlety . As for killing a snake , then it is Mahmoud in the summer , and it may indicate the fulfillment of a debt , or the end of the test and deliberation fights , and it may indicate the end of enmity with a relative , and it may be an indication of getting rid of forbidden treatment , or forbidden behavior , whether verbal or verbal , and it may be the disappearance A problem with one of the children , or of one of the children , and it may mean ending a beneficial treatment . And vice versa in the winter, killing her may have bad meanings in most cases , such as : cutting a womb and a quarrel between relatives , cutting a treatment program , interruption or cutting it , squandering money or spending , neglecting the dependents of a boy or wife , and it remains to say : that every vision has her circumstances , according to the rest of the symbols , and so it is quite different on the vision to another depending on these variables , and what matters this writer the lines not to link the vision of serpents , and the signs of alarming , such as : eye – catching or magic or disease , and other .