Is there an explanation for some cases of telepathy that are sometimes among some twins?

Is there an explanation for some cases of telepathy that are sometimes between some twins, or relatives, and does this have anything to do with dreams? Yes, this phenomenon exists and an example of that . There may be two brothers or friends, and one of them tells about something that happened with the other, whether it was joyful or sad, for example, and then discovers the sincerity of this thought that came to the imagination of its owner, and this in my opinion has one of two interpretations : 1_ This is what is called inspiration, and I mentioned it and mentioned that Omar bin Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him, was one of the inspirers and his story with a famous mastaba, and I said that this is one of the characteristics of the prophets and saints . 2_ That this risk may be possible for its owner during sleep. When spirits meet, a brother’s soul may meet his brother, and describe him in his class, lover with his lover, Khalil with his boyfriend, and absent from his family, so a meeting takes place between these spirits, and a meeting takes place, and then there may be news from them for some, and then after she wakes up she tells these souls or those who have seen visions What happened, and what happened may be absent from her, such as if it is outside the boundaries of the place, such as absent or traveler news, or outside the limits of time, such as if this informant is dead, a phenomenon that is not surprising, and there are many examples in which we see a connection between two sides with the distance between them, for example the feeling of the mother A breastfeeding woman needs her son or daughter to breastfeed, although she is sometimes far from her, and this is through some of the signs that breastfeeding women know from the production of their milk and pain in their breasts before the time of breastfeeding, and this is one of the vivid examples seen .