The fence

The wall of the city wall in a dream is Mujahideen men, or a strong ruler, or the chief Hafeez, and perhaps the wall indicates the worshiper of the country or its scholar, or the law that separates truth from falsehood, and perhaps indicates pleasure . If the wall indicates money, the balconies and the sights are his equipment, his weapon and his ammunition, and if the wall indicates the king, the balconies and the targets are his guards . And whoever sees that he is in a wall, then he is safe from his enemies, or he is guarded against what he fears, even if he is celibate, he marries . He saw the wall of the city or isolate Mahdoma treated died from his work . And whoever sees that a notch in the wall has become a notch until a lion entered Medina or a torrent of Islam is weak in it, and the market for knowledge becomes exhausted . The unknown surah indicates Islam, knowledge, the Qur’an, money, safety, piety and supplication, and all that it protects from all other enemies and all the worst .