What is the ruling on attributing a dream to the devil?

What is the ruling on attributing a dream to the devil? What is the ruling on attribution to him only as a metaphor? It was reported, as it came to us, that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : ((The true vision is from God and the dream is from the Devil )) . Many trustworthy scholars have found someone to whom the dream is attributed as metaphor for the example of the Mazzari in Sharh Sahih Muslim and Ibn Hajar in Fath al-Bari while speaking On the righteous vision : ( It is with regard to what the Devil has no entry into, and as for what has an income, it is attributed to him as a metaphorical percentage ). I said : But the correct view is that the actions are attributed to their subject. Because He is the one who initiated it and did it, and it was attributed to God Almighty because He is the one who decreed and created it, as the Almighty said : { What has befallen you from goodness is from God } that is, an act and a beginning . And the Almighty said : ( Everyone is with God ), meaning their creation and appreciation . And from this the actions of the Devil, such as waswasah, misleading, temptation, and making a contract on the group of human beings, all of which are truly attributed to the Devil. It is the direct her this much receipt in the Quran Almighty said : { Satan Sol them dictated to them } , and the Almighty said : { Satan promises you poverty and orders you to commit immoral } also said { and Kasemhma I am also for those who Nashan } and the Almighty said { I am a neighbor you } as well as indicating so saying peace be upon him (( hold the devil head on the rhyme of you ….)) Muslim nuclear explanation (6/65) and saying peace be upon him : (( the devil being the son of Adam blood stream )) agreed . This and his ilk is a fact that she attributed to Satan in a real way Because he is the direct actor of it, even if all of them are by the estimation of God Almighty and His creation and will Almighty . If he, may God bless him and grant him peace, said : ((The dream is from Satan )) , it must be said on the face of it, and the dream is of the kind that he seduces and intimidates the children of Adam . Al-Qadi and others said : ( He is on his face and that God Almighty has made for him the strength and ability to run through the inside of man his blood streams ).