Can a person live without dreams ? !

Can a person live without dreams? ! In order to answer this question, an important matter must be clear to us. Which is : Should we discuss here the vision that is from God, or the dream that is from Satan as a reality, not a metaphor, or a pipe dream that is of a person and his thinking ……. ? The truth is that the studies that I have seen and found indicate that there are drugs used to treat some cases, such as nervous breakdowns or depression, and these drugs help to eliminate dreams !!!!!! Indeed, some of these cases were recorded when sleeping without dreams for a period of six months !! But it was found that when this procedure was canceled, the brain performed a compensation process. On the first night in which the brain returns to its normal position, it dreams of 250 minutes, for example, instead of 100 minutes, and in the end the study recognized its inability to determine the cause of the phenomenon of dreams . But the matter that baffled these Western scientists can be solved simply, if the subject of the vision is removed from the biological material mold. Because the vision is from God, related to the soul, and not related to the body and matter, and it is outside the limits of human or laboratory sense and control, and the noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, says in the agreed upon hadith through Abu Qatada : [The righteous vision is from God and the dream is from Satan ]. As for dreams, they are from Satan a reality and not a metaphor, and his enmity is permanent for man, and he has pledged to sit for us and prevent us from the straight path, and his war is permanent, whether in waking or dreaming, and this attack can be repelled or reduced in sleep by continuing to follow the lawful affairs, by preserving the laws of God, and by not turning away from the remembrance of Allah, and you will find confirmation of that in the words of the Lord Almighty : [ and introduce him is a life of hardship and Nhacrh the day of Resurrection blind, the Lord did not Hchertna blind said , I was seeing, he also ( did you get our signs Vnciha as well as today memorable ]! ( Plan 124: 126).