Is it correct to see the child and the junub, the infidel and the menstruating woman?

Is it correct to see the child and the junub, the infidel and the menstruating woman? As for the vision of the child, if this child is someone who tells his vision and remembers it, then his vision is valid and expressed, and if he does not clarify and does not know how to tell his vision, then it is not considered, so the reference in this is for this child’s skill in formulating his vision, and Joseph, peace be upon him, was seven years old when he saw his vision. Right, and here is an important thing, which is that the child often does not know lying, and this strengthens the degree of his vision, and hearing from the child is permissible . Al-Bukhari addressed in his Sahih the chapter When is it right to hear the young . Ibn Hajar mentioned in it that he said : The purpose of this chapter is to infer that puberty is not a condition for bearing evidence that Mahmoud ibn al-Rabi ‘, one of the youngest companions, said : (I thought from the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, to have a mug in my face when I was five years old from a bucket ) Narrated by Imam Al-Bukhari in The Book of Knowledge Chapter: When is it Right to Hear a Young Child as in Al-Fath (1/172), as it transposed to us the Sunnah of his intent and in the compilation that the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, directed in his face. If it is permissible for the child to carry knowledge as in this hadith, then it is permissible for him to endure the narration of the vision provided that he is They understand the discourse and are able to tell its visions, and there were many children who saw visions and expressed in the old and the new . The visions of menstruating women and menstruating women are also valid, and menstruation or impurity is not prevented from them, because the unbeliever’s visions are correct, as evidenced by the vision of the king and Joseph crossed it and he was an infidel, and the impurity of menstruation and impurity is less than the impurity of the infidel .