Job, peace be upon him

Ayoub, peace be upon him, his vision indicates the affliction and the loss of family, money and spouses . Perhaps his vision indicated what money or boy came out of his hand . Perhaps the seer signed an oath in which he needed a jurist . And if the seer was sick, he was cured of his illness, and his sickness would be removed from him, and he may have reached the desired answer to a supplication, or a need question . And whoever wears the garment of Job, peace be upon him, in a dream will be afflicted with trouble and distress . The separation of loved ones and the abundance of sickness, then all of that will disappear, and it is praised by the elders . And it was said : His visions indicate calamity and loneliness, and the good news of glory and reward . And if a woman sees in her dream the wife of Ayoub, peace be upon him, that indicates the plunder of her money and reveals her condition, and that her punishment will end in good and safety . If a patient sees her, he will die, and God Almighty is merciful, or may God Almighty have mercy on him and reveal his harm because its name is mercy .