Has it been decided for a person who wants to see a good vision to do some manners before sleeping, for example, or bring some wirds?

Was it decided for someone who wanted to see a good vision to do some manners before sleeping, for example, or to bring some wirds? It has already been mentioned that some of the sick people have made such a mistake , because it is when he himself is a certain person , for example , and his condition worsens by the words of those who increase the disease with their descriptions to him, such as their saying : Ma’oun , with a soul . . . Etc. , for this situation may push its owner until he begins to ask a goddess to see a dream through which he knows what his condition is , and he may think about the one who caused him in this situation , or from witches , or from a pubescent , and he sees in sleep , and often he sees it as pipe dreams – And the case is this – but we may have a person who does not suffer from any pathological symptom , so the scholars of expression mentioned in a matter that he has morals, including : to be truthful in speech and accent , to sleep in a light , on the right side , and to recite a surah when sleeping : (And the sun clarify it ) (1), and Sura ( and night if blurred ) (1), Surat : figs , sincerity and Almaoztin , this with regard to the Koran , I did not find evidence for this allocation of this fence , and ordered another calls for this supplication : ( O Allah , I seek refuge in you from bad dreams And I seek refuge from you from the devil’s manipulation in waking and sleeping , O God , I seek you a vision of good, sincere, useful , and unforgettable . Oh God , show me what I love in my dream ) ‘1’. There is no doubt that the pure supplication of a person is close to being answered , especially if he does things that make the call answered, including : to be delicious in food, not to drink or eat anything but good , to insist on God in supplication , and to beg Him with a hundred prescriptions, this is appropriate for him to answer – especially – If there was a long journey in need of an exaggeration in clothing and form , and I did not find anything from the Sunnah to support this supplication that Ibn Hajar gave during the conquest , then it is nothing more than a prayer , and a person calls God with what . God opens it up, perhaps what Ibn Hajar veins from this door .