Can the visions of the madman, the patient … be expressed ?

Can the visions of the madman, the patient … be expressed ? Can the visions of the insane , the patient before entering the operating room, the neurological patient , and the elderly be expressed ? The following writer believes : 1) The insane may tell us about a vision he saw that can be expressed, but there is no doubt that insanity is degrees, as some of them may be able to bring out what they saw, and be able to understand who speaks to him, and as for the Mongolian patients, they are often unable to communicate what they saw And so it may be impossible to express them . 2) Patients who see signs of good tidings prior to operations, this passes, and the optimistic crossing may help them in the desire for recovery and strengthen their resolve, and as for what is seen after the operations and after the impact of anesthesia or during it, it is not a hallucination, as the one who is absent does Because of intoxicants, may God protect us and you . 3) And what was mentioned in the third section, they are like a madman who can sometimes make sense of the crossing, so that what we said there is done on him . 4) the elderly; Those who have been afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease are taken by what they say while they are in moments when they are able to dialogue, including if they narrate a vision, for example .