Does the sincere vision fall ? And the righteous one is not a good man?

Does the sincere vision fall ? And the righteous one is not a good man? Indeed it is an important question , and his answer is : that the righteous man may see Alodgat but a rare few managed to Satan from him , other than reversed, the truthfulness of his vision of a rare predominance shed the devil it was narrated from Anas ibn Malik that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , said : ~ A for vision A good deed from a righteous man is part of forty-six parts of prophethood . Agreed upon (1). Muslim narrated God ‘s mercy from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet peace be upon him , he said : ~ If the time has barely approached the vision of a Muslim lie , and Asedkkm recently, and the vision of the Muslim part of the forty – five is part of prophecy ~ (2). Al- Nawawi said : said to be a rhetorical time if a boat that moderating the days and nights this spring day . And it was said that what is meant is if the resurrection approaches , and the first is the most famous among the people of the vision , and it came in a hadith that supports the second, and God knows best . Of . Truthfulness is the greatest of the prophets’ descriptions, awake and dreaming, and whoever considers them in the truth will attain truthfulness from his visions . Al-Muhallab said : People have three degrees of this : A – The Prophets and their visions are all sincere, and what needs expression may fall into them . B – righteous , and mostly on their vision of honesty , it was located where what does not need to express their visions as Vtqa Raayaha completely in a dream . C – Who else . . In their vision there is truth and grievance, and they are of three types : 1 – They are covered , so most of the situation is equal to them . 2 evildoers , and mostly on their vision Alodgat and say where honesty , has been titled Bukhari in his Saheeh : the door of the vision of the people of prisons, corruption and shirk (3). 3 _ infidels , and tend to their visions Alodgat and very rare where honesty and refers to this interview : ~ The newly Osedkkm vision Osedkkm ~ which was narrated by Muslim . True dreams of some of the infidels have , as in the vision of the authors of the prison with Joseph upon him , Allah said : ~ entered with the prison boys , said one of them , I showed me Crush wine and the other said I showed me I bring over my head bread eat the bird from him Nbina Ptooelh Verily we see you from benefactors ( Yusuf : 36 ). as previously titled Bukhari in his Sahih door : the vision of the people of prisons, corruption and shirk , and occurred in the novel : a drink they people drink , and you want to drink forbidden , and reportedly sommelier said to Joseph : Wright as seen sleeping , I planted a grain Vneptt went where three clusters Fsrthn were Sagit king said : stay in prison three times and then go out Vtsagah on your habit . was as he came out (4) as well as the vision of Mllekema, the Almighty said : ~ the king said , I see seven fat cows he would eat seven lean Snblatt and seven vegetables and other Iabsat O Fill me in my visions, if you are to see the passage of vision ( Joseph 43) meaning : leanness is derived from leanness and the combination is lean and lean, and what is meant is the appearance of exhortations M of humor . Some vision scientists attributed to the part of the prophecy vision only good believer not reprobate has been . We have already with us the verse saying : ~ sincere good Muslim is the one who fits off if the prophets , Vokrm type , which Akram by the prophets , which see the unseen .. As for the infidel and reprobate and mixed not , if ratified visions are sometimes the same is also true Clip Islamic false , and not all of the event all have experience of the unseen parts of the prophecy , Kalkahen and mine ~(5) has been provided for us to track Imam Muhammad Safaareeni Hambali God ‘s mercy on saying : let him know . But Must be alert here that the vision of good that are the cause of initiated some of the provisions restricted whether signed in the era of the Messenger of the Apostles only approved » As for the other people are missionaries or Mndhirat , it may be in the expression Bishara to its owner from a charitable world or the Hereafter , it may be where warning him of a lack of or shorten his work or in his religion , came in the interpretation of the verse : ( and he preached that Ichaelmh God only alive or from behind a veil or sends a messenger Viouha with his permission what he wants he is wise ) ( Shura : 51). Some of the predecessor said : ~ From Ray Veil ~ which in his dream , what self – cleansed of vices , recedes woman heart , and met lawh sleep , and Antakec of the wonders of the unseen , and the oddity minimum . It is friendly to have him in a dream call conversation » and ordered him to God and tell him in a dream , The Prophet asked peace be upon him for the verse :~ them human in this life and in the Hereafter ~(6) And he said , ~ is the vision of good sees the man or see him ~ Narrated by Imam Ahmad (7). __________ (1 ) Agreed , see Ibn Hajar – op – (12 /361 ) and nuclear – op (23 \ 15) (2 ) nuclear – op – (15 \ 0 2 ) (3 ) Ibn Hajar – op – (381 \ 12) (4 ) Ibid (12 /382 ). (5 ) Ibn Hajar – op – (379 \ 12) (6) Yunus : 64. (7 ) Narrated by Imam Ahmad 173 \ 1 triples forward Safaareeni – a reference earlier .