What of nightmares , or what about Jathoom?

Q : What about nightmares , or what about Jathoom? How can they get rid of them , and what do those who are afflicted with something of this do? The nightmare and some call it Bama : Jathoom . It is a kind of nagging dreams Ka grew something perched on the chest of the dreamer and narrow himself . It was said in his interpretation : that desire unwanted out of the dream in the form of creatures Haihh weigh on the dreamer and disturbed sleep . . . The nightmare is : the dream of bearing anxiety and fear experience , followed by a detailed retrieval severe dream of the content of these dreams experienced by the individual in his sleep , and include a threat to his life or his sense of security and self – respect . The nightmare causes severe inconvenience to the person and it usually increases with psychological pressure or physical stress . Speaking spells Elka Boss usually during periods of sleep accompanied by rapid eye movement can occur at any time . Increases near the end of sleep plus the presence of activity in the autonomic nervous system , and rarely observe body movements during the seizure . Upon waking up from the nightmare quickly becomes a person guided and vigilant and can give details of the dream , whether or when you wake up in the morning , may find it difficult to go back to sleep . We say : It ‘s a problem when the frequency of their occurrence in times close . ** Quoted by Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi