Seeing the coup and crying

As for the upheaval, whoever sees that he has turned on his head, then it is a calamity, and it may have been his president’s turn against him. And whoever sees that he has turned from side to side, then this is a change of state. As for crying, whoever sees that he is crying without screaming, then he relieves those who are distressed or rejoices greatly, and if it is screaming it is a calamity occurring For the people of that place and whoever sees that he is crying and does not come out of his eyes tears, then it is not for praise, and if he sees the place of the tears blood, then he regrets something that has passed from him and repents and whoever sees it as if he is crying for a person he knows, and with Noah weeping, then he will fall as he saw him, and if he sees that he mourns for someone who has died. That governor is abusing his authority, and if he sees as if he died while they were crying behind his funeral without mourning, then they see from that governor a pleasure, and whoever sees that his eyes are full of tears and does not go out, then he gets permissible money for him, and whoever sees that he cries and then laughs after him indicates the imminence of his time and said some of them loved crying In sleep, if there is no clamor in it, and I have tried that for a thousand times, I have seen nothing but good, joy, and happiness