What is the maximum time the vision can be achieved?

What is the maximum time the vision can be fulfilled? During my talk about the story of Yusef, peace be upon him, when he saw his vision as a boy, I mentioned that his vision was fulfilled after forty years, and I mentioned there evidence about Salman Al-Farsi who said : ((There was between Yusef’s vision and its expressions for forty years )) and most of the expressions went based on this hadith to That the limit of the vision that ends for forty years, Ibn Hajar said : Al-Bayhaqi mentioned a witness to the hadith of Salman Al-Farisi, on the authority of Abdullah bin Shaddad who said : ((There was between the vision of Yusuf and its phrase for forty years and to which the order of the vision ends )) Ibn Hajar (12_377) I said : This is evidence It is clear that the most time during which the vision may be delayed is forty years, this is the most correct and it is the strongest saying, and on the matter there are other sayings : It was said : thirty-five years, it was said : ninety years, it was said : twenty-two years, and it was said : eighty years, and it was said. : Eighty-three, and it was said : seventy-seven, and it was said : eighteen years, and the first, forty years, is the strongest, and God knows best .