Does the vision fall from the drinker of wine?

Does the vision fall from the drinker of wine? As I said previously () There is no greater sin than polytheism and disbelief, and if the vision occurred from the unbeliever, like the story of the king with Joseph, it does not prevent it from occurring from the drinker of alcohol, and Bukhari addressed in Sahih Chapter : The vision of the people of prisons, corruption and polytheism – Ibn Hajar and he signed in a narration : drink, they are the people of the drink, to be : drink Muharram reportedly sommelier said to Joseph : I saw as seen sleeping that planted a grain Vneptt came out with three bunches Fsrthn then Sagit King, Joseph said to him : stay in jail three times and then go out Vtsagah on your habit, it was also said And went out .