Time in relation to the vision

2 – Time for vision : This aspect is particularly matter crossings ; Because they are the ones who are concerned with it , since knowing the time of the vision is of great importance to the crossing , and some visions may be a sign of marriage, pregnancy, or success in studying , so the question about the time of the vision is necessary so that the person who passes through the question of inquiry and insight can express its connection with time . Visions as well as time with a strong relationship with the expression , what was seen in the extreme heat is different from what was seen in the severity of the cold , Valenar , for example , in the first blameworthy , and in the second commendable and fruits in the visions that were seen as eaten at the time they are welcome , and were seen as eaten at the wrong time No , and most of all that is seen in his time and in his time is in expression good . As if he saw that he wears winter clothes in this winter time is good and the opposite is true , and as he saw that he was performing Hajj and the time of vision at the time of Hajj differs from those who saw that he did Hajj at a time other than his time , and so on , we find that the question of the one who expresses about the time of the vision has its merits . Is another thing to call him question about the vision of the time , Some of the questioners about visions telling you : I saw such and such, and be surprised by telling you old events multiplying asking about the time of Alra O says to you : it is of such a year , and this kind of visions may have been achieved For the viewer, there is no benefit from the actions of the mind in it and there is no point in it for the crossing and that is why he neglects it , and it is better to narrate the visions at the crossing at a time convenient for him and not to overdo it , and some authors have stated that the expression of visions is preferred after dawn and before the sun rises for two reasons : First : The visionary remembers the vision not forgetting did not take them long after , and the second : his relationship crossing it better time than others to attend the understanding of the two crossings , peace be upon him , said him 🙁 God bless my nation in Bkorha ) (1), and in my humble opinion that the allocation of time without time The preference for one time over the last is relative and varies from person to person, and this is due to the habit of crossing in the first place . Is another thing has to do in time , Some believe that the vision of the day stronger than the vision of the night , and this also is not conclusive proof it , and some of them said : he gives her what was napping , and in my opinion, the important thing is to cut the vision if the vision , because the mind may be preoccupied with Bachgalh in the lives of the world And because the reign of the seer is close to it and because there may be in it something desirable to hasten, such as urging good or warning against sin and the like (2). ____________________ (1) It was narrated by Imam al-Tirmidhi in the book of sales, chapter on what comes early in trade – previous reference – and it was narrated by Abu Dawud in the book of jihad, chapter on innovation in travel – previous reference – , and Imam Ibn Majah narrated it in the book of trades section on what is sought from blessing in the firstborn – previous reference And it was narrated by Ahmad in his Musnad in the Musnad of the Ten Missionaries of Paradise and from the Musnad of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him – previous reference – and it was narrated by Al-Darami in the Book of Sirs , Chapter, God Bless my Ummah in its firstborn – previous reference . (2) See : Al- Nawawi on the explanation of Sahih Muslim – Previous reference – (15/35) ** Quoted from Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi