Why do some people see terrifying dreams?

Why do some people see terrifying dreams? Question / Why do some people see terrifying dreams, not happy and promising ones, and does this have a scientific explanation? In my hands this question, I find that I need to draw attention to some important points : 1) That the dream of Satan is a reality and not a metaphor, and this opinion was stated by more than one imam and declared it, including Imam Muhammad al-Saffarini in explaining the trilogy of Imam Ahmad’s chain of narration, which is an act of Satan, as are his actions The other, such as : waswasah, seduction, holding on to the rhyme of the sleeper, crying at the prostration of the son of Adam, fleeing when the call to prayer, and do not forget here that the Devil runs the bloodstream from a person, and look to make sure of this to the face of anger, how it changes and turns red !!! 2) It was reported in the Sahih on the authority of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : [ Satan knits on the rhyme of one of you’s head, if he slept three knots, he hit the place of each knot on you for a long night and he fell asleep . If he wakes up, then the remembrance of God will dissolve a knot, and if he performs ablution, a knot will be loosened. If he prays, a knot will be loosened . Al-Bukhari, may God have mercy on him, was entitled by saying : Chapter on holding Satan on the rhyme of the head if he did not pray at night, and what is meant by it is the evening prayer, as Ibn Hajar said in his commentary on Al-Fath . So look, O God, take care of you, to prayer, how you protect its owner, and it is the first line of defense – meaning dinner – against the accursed Satan and his mistrust and deception, then meditate with me the Almighty saying : [ My servants do not have authority over them, and your Lord is sufficient as a steward ] Al-Isra : 65. And the Almighty said : [ My servants do not have authority over them except for those who follow you among the tempters ] Al- Hijr : 42. Whoever forsakes these deeds of remembrance, prayer, and wirds has dropped his fortresses by his own choosing, and is satisfied with the invasion of his enemy, and therefore you must recite the wirds, the most important of which is the verse of the Holy; It has been proven that it preserves its reader until it becomes, and you have to adhere to obedience, so that you are safe from the accursed Satan in your awakening and in your sleep, and God knows best .