Time in relation to expression

1 – Time for expression : note when some of the crossings that after the expression of a vision that says : will fall this vision after such and such, in days or months or years, and some of them exaggerate until you find say sometimes similar dates, for example : will fall your vision on the third day of the month The third is after three years, and some of them say : It will fall on such a date months before it or months after it, so it does not start like the previous one . After my research for this topic and found several fixed texts, I show you and comment on what opens God and say : The first directory : In the story of Joseph , ascites saw Bosevh peace be upon him Rabah and cut on his father said to his father : When Joseph said to his father Aaopt I saw a ten a planet and the sun and the moon I saw them bowing down ( Yusuf : 4 ). The scholars said : This vision achieved after forty years , when God reunited Joseph his parents and his brothers , eleven , and worshiped all his greeting and veneration as the Koran cut his story . He says : his parents on the throne and fell prostrate and said , O my father , this interpretation of my vision by may make it truly my Lord has better me as it took me out of prison and came to you from the Bedouin after that with removable devil between me and my brothers , my Lord nice what he wants , He is the Knowing , the Wise ( Yusuf : 100 ). If this vision of Joseph , a young boy old seven years have been achieved in Egypt literally , Joseph sat on his throne , bowed his parents and his brothers bowing down and notes that the vision of Joseph visions true that you do not need to express , but fall also were seen , and it is important here is that the interpretation of the vision delayed forty years as evidenced by an interview with the Persian Salman said : ~ among the vision of Joseph and its expression forty years , ~ Ibn Hajar said after him . The narrators of al-Tabari , al-Hakim and al-Bayhaqi with a valid chain of narrators (1). Second Guide : In the story of Joseph also , after he entered the prison , the king saw a vision alarmed him and asked Aoolha him when men of science and the state around him and holding of meetings E and said to them : ~ The king said , I see seven fat cows he would eat seven lean and seven Snblatt Khader And the last, crusty, O public, please advise me about my vision, if you are to see the vision expressing (43). ( They said pipe dreams, and we are not interpreting dreams in two worlds. ”(44) ( Joseph 44 43) The truth is that the answer of these is similar to the answer of some of the public who do not hesitate to answer the expression of visions. They say , for example : death , long , life , and cry laughed and this may be saying to God without knowledge , or find them like this footnote Badan the answer then it asked them turned right and left to escape , or in search of who sent him the question . what concerns that Joseph while across the vision answered and select time saying he was seven years harder cultivate what reaped Vdhiroh spike in only a little of which you eat )47( )tm come after that seven hard eat what you gave them only a little than Thsnon()4 8 ( ( Yusuf : 47 – 48 ). Joseph , reminded T that vision will be achieved within a period of fifteen years , dream which is glad educe Joseph of them fourteen years of saying the king of seven fat cows , and seven cows lean , and the scholars said : The words of Joseph : )tm comes after a year in which Agat people and it Aasron( ( Yusuf : 49 ) did not show him the vision , but it is what God taught Yusuf and good expression (2). Third Guide : Anas bin Malik , may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him was entered on or girl is haram Milhan , Vttamh , and the mother is forbidden under bin silent worship and entered upon the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him day Votamth and then sat down Tvla head – any inspect what it kills lice – Vnam the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and then woke up laughing , she said : I said : what Idgk O Messenger of Allah? He said : ~ People from my nation , offered invaders in the name of God riding Thbj this sea . And Thbj sea any ride back or the middle – kings on the family or like kings on the family , ~ said : said : I said : O Messenger of God , pray to God to make me one of them, He called her, then put his head and he slept and then woke up laughing, she said : I said : what Idgk O Messenger of God, said : ~ people from my nation , offered for the sake of the invaders Alte God , ~ he said in the first, she said : I said : O Messenger of God , pray to God that makes me of them, said : you are from the first two ~ , Frckpt or haram girl Milhan the sea at the time of Sid Vsrat for Daptha when I came out of the sea Vhlkt . agreed upon word of a Muslim (3). after searching prolonged in this story found that the vision of the time was after farewell Hajj, and the occurrence of vision was at the time of Othman bin Affan, so they installed the sea in succession Othman , heading to Cyprus Vsrat for Daptha Kathy and buried there, and that was as a stone son said in opening the year twenty – eight . time is between the vision and expression eighteen years, God I know . Note this time between the occurrence of vision and expression distance . then tell me you think the one who asks for a vision Vtakbrh saw her expression, and then surprised him after a period of s A night he says to you : I said : such-and-such will happen, and now a month, two months, or a year will pass, and it has not been fulfilled as if his state is : You are wrong ! ! ! Yes . . The line comes from the crossing, but the vision may be delayed. ”And if the thing is mentioned, I say here : The endeavor of the crossing to set a time for the time of the occurrence of the vision needs to be examined and the work of the mind and fatigue, what is in need of a time to come, but the visionary may sometimes insist on asking about time, then if I told him and I told him : God knows even away from yourself the embarrassment of error, be surprised by Antqsk says : he told me the crossing and did not get well , and some of them mocks by saying : what has the above . After this presentation, I say : Who is right in your opinion? ________________________________________ (1 ) See : Fath al – Bari Ibn Hajar – op – (12 /377 ). (2 ) Abu Bakr Algerian : Acer ‘s great interpretations of the words of the Most High and Bhamch River Good Acer exegesis, i 4 /1420 of – , library science and governance . ( P . 578 ). (3 ) Narrated by Bukhari in the book of Revelation expression door during the day in two places (11 /72 ) , (391/12 ) – op – and Narrated by Muslim , as in the nuclear (13 /58 ) in the book of the emirate ‘s door He preferred the invasion at sea – previous reference -. ** Quoted by Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi