Dry wood

Dry wood : hypocrisy, God Almighty said : ~As if they were backed wood .~ And Al-Khashab are men who have hypocrisy in their religion . A man saw a branch in his right hand, and a tree in his left hand, as he raised it, so the branch stood up and the tree was not . He narrated his visions on the crossing . He said : You have two sons, one of whom is from a slave girl, and the other from Harrah . Correct them, so you discipline the son of the nation so that he accepts your etiquette, and you exhort the son of the free woman, so he does not take your preaching . It was so . And he saw a man as if he was wearing a garment of wood, and he was walking in the sea, and he showed him that his walk was slow . Rather, the sea and the wood pointed to the ship .