Did you meet a dead person , and did he invite you to visit him?

Did you meet a dead person , and did he invite you to visit him? There are many concepts that are taken for granted by some in the field of this science , and I will talk about one of these matters , and the significance is very frightening . And that is seeing the dead , for many people when they see the dead , they may not be bothered by just seeing them , and some rejoice when they see the dead in a good condition , and this is good while we are together , and the evangelization that we followed in the expression of visions and dreams is compatible . But the symbol that freaks out whatever frightens him , and almost everyone unites him ; Seeing one of the dead calling you , or taking you with him !! Does this take the meaning of death ?? Some say : Yes , and unfortunately you find some of the expressers or expressions have ridden this wave of intimidation , so he asked the owners of this type of vision to work well and prepare for the departure , but some people who were asked about similar visions did not cross them , and were silent for a while , then he said to the owner of it : Fear God and watch out for your hereafter !! And leaving the person of the vision in a state that only God knows , so he does not pass it on to good , nor does he command you to guard against it as stated . One time a senior employee in a very large newspaper called me , and he told me that he saw in a dream that he asked a man in a dream about the time of his death , and the official was silent and did not speak , and the questioner says that he explained the vision to him soon , and here I say : Why do not we beware From the horrific visions and we are silent about them , after we bring the precautions mentioned in the Sunnah , and let us remember the consequence of that from the saying of the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him : ~For it does not harm .~ I would like to emphasize here , that there is no conclusive indication and one of the vision , and knows that the vision is not measured , it read the expression interpreted a vision of the near – term , for example , the first two , and as much as him to see the same vision or similar to her ; Their meaning is not the same , because the circumstances of each of the two visions are different , so let him be reassured of the opinion of such a vision , so he saw a dead person calling or taking a hand , or telling him that he misses him , for example , that he does not understand death from it only , and I assure me one last thing not to leave some dark thinking of you , Or from some of the expressions that turn your life on you , or push you to isolation and sadness, all of this is from the actions of the accursed Satan , and it has been proven on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, that he said : “ None of you would say : If you did such-and-such, it was such-and-such , and let him say : God decreed and what He willed he did , Van if you open the work of the devil , ~ and the work of the devil is whispering and Althuzein and despair . And I whisper into the ear of some elders or old men, for example, who passes through to children or passes to her children , or who passes through to people, for example, or private neighbors through practice and not expressing knowledge , that the expression will not be generalized , so that it measures the connotations of some visions on each other , so they always have a ready answer for whoever saw A dead person calls out or takes a hand to a place , and the answer is : May God reward you yourself !! May God have mercy on you . . . ! Or say to people : He will die soon !! And I say : Fear God, O crossers !! Do not terrorize people , and I say to those who saw a vision of this kind, to beware if he is afraid of seeing him , or to look for a loved one to pass it through to him , or a scholar or counselor . For this reason , the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said to us : “ Do not tell the vision except for a scholar or counselor. ~. And in a novel : ~ Or Ali Wade …~.