What is the difference between the visions of the prophets and non-prophets?

What is the difference between the visions of the prophets and non-prophets? The vision of the prophets is alive, unlike others . The revelation is not entered into by any defect, because it is guarded, unlike the vision by other than the prophets, for it may be attended by Satan, and it may be from the representation and action of the Devil himself, as we discussed at the time . There is no doubt that if a person is dominated by Satan due to the severity of the enmity between them, then he deceives him in every way, and he wants to spoil his affairs in every way, so he confuses his visions on him, either by mistaking them for them or by neglecting them . Therefore, he participates in a person’s wakefulness by eating and drinking from what the name of God is not mentioned on him. Rather, even in intercourse, he commanded us to name in order to expel him, and he participates in his sleep, so he frightens him and manipulates him . The vision of the prophets is all sincere, and then it may be valid in relation to the world and it is the most, and it may be unfit for the world as it happened in the vision of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, on a Sunday when he saw a cattle slaughtering, so the first of them to kill his companions and other than the prophets falls into their honest visions that happen and do not need An expression and falls into their righteous visions, which are expressed and made especially easy