Do the people of Heaven or the people of Hell see visions or dream?

Do the people of Heaven or the people of Hell see visions or dream? This issue is one of the issues that I have stopped a lot about, and after a long research into the characteristics of the people of Paradise, and the people of Hell, I say : Paradise is the abode of blessing, and what kindness, God Almighty says in the divine hadith narrated by Bukhari in the Book of Paradise and the description of its bliss through Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him : [ I have prepared for My righteous servants what no eye saw, no ear heard, and no human heart risked ]. According to what she called saying peace be upon him about them, as stated in Bukhari as well, in the same position the former : […….. Do not urinate, nor defecated, nor Imitkhton, nor Atvlon, Omchathm gold, musk nominated, and Mjamram Aloe And their husbands al-hoor al-ayn, their morals on the creation of one man, in the image of their father Adam, sixty cubits in the sky ]. This bliss is eternal, and the fire is the abode of eternal misery as well. Al-Sahih has also proven what Al-Bukhari narrated through Abu Saeed, who said : The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : […. O people of Paradise ! Immortality, there is no death, O people of Hell ! Immortality is not death ]. Sleeping is one of the characteristics of deficiency in the right of the people of Paradise, and it came in the hadith through Abu Huraira with a chain of transmission : [ Sleeping is the brother of death, and the people of Paradise do not sleep. ] This hadith was corrected by Al-Al-Albani, may God have mercy on him, in Al-Silsilah Al-Sahihah, J / 1 p . : 74 H : 1087 It also contradicts the eternal torment of the people of Hell, as they wish that God would relieve them of their torment, but they have nothing but grief, as the Almighty said about them. [And warn them on the day of heartbreak, as the matter has passed while they are negligent and they do not believe ] Maryam : 39.