The third type : the true or righteous vision

The third type of visions : which is inspired by All the slave , and recorded some scholars visions saying : when clearing up himself , and get rid of his secrets of ideas bad , and respect to his heart , the remembrance of Allah , do not see the only really honest , and that is the true vision that Described as being part of Prophethood (1). The Holy Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, says in the agreed upon hadith which is with Ahmad in his Musnad also from the narration of Anas bin Malik, may God be pleased with him : “The vision of the believer is part of the forty-six parts of the prophethood ” (2). Crown when this talk pause lengthy because it involves some of the issues important : I say : This hadith narrated from a group of companions different verbally , narrated Anas this sheikhs , and narrated by Imam Ahmad and sheikhs like Bin silent worship , as well as Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi , and narrated by Imam Ahmad And the two sheikhs and Ibn Majah from the hadith of Abu Hurairah . For the number of parts : several novels came or mow limited to only the witness as stated in the explanation of Sahih Muslim – Nawawi detailed : it came in Bukhari and Muslim : ~ dreams are part ~ of the forty – six parts of the prophecy ~ as previously (3). According to the Muslim ~ of forty – five part ~, also stating : ~ seventy part .~ According to Tabaraani : ~ part of the seventy – six part ~ . to Ibn’Abd al-Barr ‘s novel : ~ twenty – six part .~ when Imam Ahmad ~ part of the fifty part .~ According to al – Tirmidhi : ~ part of the forty – part ~ . when Tabari : ~ part of the forty – nine part ~, and has also : ~ of forty – four .~ He also came from Ibn Abbas : ~ part forty part . ~ We are here in front of several novels and least part of the twenty – six and the most part of the seventy – six , Nawawi said in explaining the true Muslim (4): this difference refer to the case of the seer difference , the believer is good to be Rev. Weah part of the forty – six parts and the reprobate part of seventy parts , The difference of people love mattresses and whenever I said the portions were the vision closer to the truth , and it was said to be that of which the hidden part of the seventy , and obviously part of the forty – six . Sheikh said Muhammad bin Uthaimin, may God have mercy on him : The fact that the number is part of forty-six parts corresponds to reality in relation to the revelation that was revealed to me, the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, because the first revelation was the righteous vision from Rabi ‘al-Awwal to Ramadan, and this is six months , then God revealed to him after this in awakening For the rest of his life , if you attribute this to the rest of the era of revelation, it was part of forty-six parts : because the revelation was twenty-three years and six months. ~(5) The fact that the vision was part of the prophethood has become problematic even though the prophethood was interrupted by the death of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and I will mention some of what was said in clarifying this . He said the meaning of the verse being a part of the prophecy : that the Muslim sincere good, fits the case if the prophets, which see the unseen, unlike the infidel and reprobate and blended, and track this to say Imam Muhammad Safaareeni by saying : ( but similar to the case of the prophets in the health of vision and clarity of his mind and touch his soul If he slept in the realm of the kingdom ). This is true not only knows the unseen is the Almighty said some scientists : the meaning of being part of the prophecy parts of a metaphor , which it comes to the approval of prophecy ; This is because it is part of the prophethood . It was said : meaning : it is part of her knowledge, because it was cut off and that prophecy Flmha remains . And it was said : The meaning of being part of the parts of the prophethood is similar to it in the truthfulness of news about the unseen ; The news of the unseen is one of the fruits of prophethood . Conclusion of this offer : that the vision of the infidel are not originally from parts of the prophecy , and after reprobate , which like the infidel , some of them mentioned that the vision of the reprobate is one of the maximum parts remains a good Muslim believer who vision of this kind says majesty Suyuti God ‘s mercy and is concerned about this talk : ( this talk me of similar conversations in which we believe and NCL means to be a writer peace be upon him and not go into this interpretation of the part of this number and wisdom, especially varied novels in the amount of number also provides God knows Balemrad what is meant by that ) a . E (6). The vision of the good of the sections of Revelation , may be the cause of the laws of some of the provisions and that the vision of Abraham peace be upon him , was Abraham was a vow that God ‘s living son of Sarah to slaughter a sacrifice , he saw in a dream : that Off your vow (7) , and an interview with the parasite brother Aisha , her mother About saying what God wills and Muhammad wills, and the Messenger then instructed them to say : What God wills alone , or what God wills and then Muhammad , and not say : What God wills and Muhammad (8), and Abdullah bin Zaid’s vision in the call to prayer and the legislation of the call to prayer after it has been proven. God be upon him and grant him peace that he said about it : It is a true vision . Abu Bakr , may Allah also (9) around the shield robbed him after his death and recovery of this vision and the implementation of the commandment by and grab the shield of those who are in his hand out , but Abu Bakr is the first caliphs Waller Ashden , a Among those who remembered the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, his diligence in this and the Companions ’acceptance of this ijtihad in the presence of the Qur’an indicating truthfulness is acceptable , and there are many evidences for such in the books of jurisprudence , but today the implementation of a will or matter related to the law through visions is not permissible, neither reason nor Sharia as no secret to anyone with the heart . This good vision came from this great companion to assure us of the existence of a righteous man , as the scientists acknowledged this art modern building on the Prophet peace be upon him , and he said : ~.. And Asedkkm vision of a newly Asedkkm …~ And he will reply, God willing . And saying peace be upon him : ~ the vision of the believer is part of ….~ Modern , includes a righteous believing woman as well , has Bukhari titled in his Saheeh : the door of seeing women , cited by Ibn Hajar : what Ibn Battaal agreed that the vision of the righteous believing included in saying peace be upon him : ~ the vision of the believer good part of the prophecy ,~ there is no difference between men and women in terms of visions , but there may be a difference in terms of Altobeirh Valmabron say : that if a woman saw what Esth his people of the E he is her husband , And they said : Likewise, the child has his visions most often for his parents , and God knows (10). I go back to the story of Thabit bin Qais bin Shammas, and it was one of the companions’s choice, may God be pleased with them , and it has been proven that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said to him : “ O Thabit, do you not accept to live a good man and kill a martyr and enter Heaven? ” Said Malik bin Anas, who is one of the narrators of the hadith. : fixed bin Qais was killed on the dove martyr (11). Fixed and the story that mentioned the son of values (12) said : On the day of al – Yamamah , a war against the apostates , fixed with Khalid bin Walid came out to fight Musaylimah when they met and Tkhvoa constant , said Salim Mawla Abu Hudhayfah : Behold , so we were fighting with the Messenger of Allah On him and granting peace , then each one dug a pit, so he stood and fought until they were killed. On that day, a shield with precious stones came to him, and a Muslim man passed by and took her , while a Muslim man was asleep as he came to him in his sleep . Any fixed – he said to him : I advise you to beware testamentary says this is a dream Vtadhaah , I passed what killed me a man of Muslims took Deri , Venslh in the far people at his tent mare – Westin – which merely cheerfully activity . The palm of the shield screw any amount of stones – and above Twine left – which is placed on the back of an animal for the ride ‘ Bring the eternal is once to send out to Deri takes it , and if the city provided the Khalifa Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him means Abu Bakr , tell him : The Ali is of such-and-such religion and so-and-so from my old class , so the man comes to eternity , and tells him , so he sent to the shield, and he came and found it as he told them in the vision under the twine, and then the Persians as he , and Abu Bakr approved the rest of his will . Abu Omar bin Abd al – Barr said , and other senior , as well as Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saleh Al – Uthaymeen recently God ‘s mercy on them : passed Abu Bakr and whoop for the existence of evidence that show sincerity, Abu Omar bin Abd al – Barr said : We do not know anyone approved , his will after his death is a constant Bin Qais, may God have mercy on him, a . E (13). If you also note : agreed Khalid bin Walid and Abu Bakr and his companions with him to work in this vision , and the implementation of what came in . _________________________________________________ (1 ) Mohammad HLA Wei – op – p . 5 . (2 ) discharged : Narrated by Bukhari as in the opening (12 /373 , 383, 404 ) – op -, and as a Muslim in the nuclear (15 /22 , 23 ) – op -, and al – Tirmidhi In the Book of Revelation the chapter that the vision of the believer is part of forty-six parts of the prophethood – a previous reference – and in the chapter of what came in the vision of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, the scale and the dowel narrated by Abu Dawud in the Book of Literature, chapter of what came in the vision – previous reference -, and Ibn Majah in They are placed in the book of the expression of the vision, the chapter on the righteous vision that a Muslim sees or sees to him, and the door of the truest people of a vision that has been attributed to them recently – a previous reference – and Ahmed in the rest of the Musnad of the many in the Musnad of Abu Hurairah and in the Musnad of Anas bin Malik – a previous reference -, and the Darami in the book of the vision is a chapter in the Muslim’s vision Part of the forty-six part of the prophethood – previous reference -. (3 ) See ibid . (4 ) Sahih Muslim nuclear explanation (15 /21 ) – a reference earlier . (5 ) Muhammad’Uthaymeen, say useful book on monotheism (2 /348 ) – op . (6 ) expansion See : Mohammed Safaareeni – op – (1 /808 ). (7 ) enlighten the size of the interpretation of Ibn Abbas Abu Taher Turquoise Abadi – Dar thought – Beirut ( p . 377 ) 0 and Ibn Hajar – op (12 /377 ). (8 ) Narrated by Imam Ibn Majah in the book Alkavarat door forbidding what to say , God willing , and you want – op -. (9) Ibn ‘ – op – (1 /349 ). (10) op – (12 /392 ). (11 ) This hadeeth was narrated by Ibn Hajar in al- Fath said this strong reference transmitter narrated by Ibn Saad Maan bin Isa for his owner . Narrated , Daaraqutni in the wacky by Ismail bin Abi Uys for the owner as well . (12 ) Spirit . Son of values fatawa , Arab Book House – achieve : d . Mr. Jumaili , i 1412 (13 ) See : Ibn fatawa values – op – p . 43 . ** Quoted by Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi