Is there a difference between night visions and day visions?

Is there a difference between night visions and day visions? This question is good because of the large number of those asking about it, and the abundance of illusion and error resulting from the lack of knowledge in it, so you often hear from here or there a formula that is repeated. I saw after the Fajr prayer, as if this sentence wanted her to raise the level of his vision, just as a good hadith for others is good for itself. For others, the Sahih rises to true for its own sake, and the truth is that this is not true, so the day’s vision or the vision of witchcraft is not different from others, and it has been proven that the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, saw visions during the day and saw visions at night and told them and told them about their interpretation, and often The hadith, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was issued by saying : (( While I was asleep yesterday … or I showed such-and-such tonight …)) This is understood from him by night, and he often slept in his house or in the house of one of the Companions during the day, then he saw a vision, like his visions when He slept in the house of Ubadah bin Al-Samit with Umm Haram bint Melhan, when he saw her with those who invade in the way of God and said : I pray to God to make me one of them, and he said : (( You are among the first )) and the time of his sleep was during the day, and Bukhari referred to him in Sahih : The door of those who visited a people and said to them . That is, one of those who said it is sleeping in the noon (Al- Mu`jam Al Muheet – pg. 771) Ibn Aoun said on the authority of Ibn Sirin : A day’s vision is like a night’s vision . Ibn Hajar was entitled in Al-Fath : Chapter : The night vision, and he mentioned immediately after it a chapter : the day vision, so there is no difference in terms of time, day or night, and it is not considered, and it was said : There is a difference between them and that the vision of sorcery is more accurate and faster interpretation, especially when dawn breaks And it came in the Musnad through Abu Sa`id al-Khudri with a chain of transmission : ((The most sincere vision is through the sorrows )) , and this indicates the speed of interpretation and the fallout , not the truth, and God knows best . It is reported here that some drivers of cars, and in the severity of their fatigue, may relax at some traffic lights, and in this short period of time, they may see the honest vision.