What is the soul and what is its truth?

What is the soul and what is its truth? Sayings in the soul were said . Like saying that it is blood, a breath, or a breath . As for the claim that it is blood, it is invalid, for things including that after his death and the ascension of his soul, blood remains in him . As for saying that it is the soul [with the silence of fulfillment ], then it needs evidence, with knowledge of the reality of the soul he has . As the soul may be called blood, and among them is what Al-Awza’i said : What has no soul is liquid . As for saying that it is the nafs [by opening a fulfillment ], it is known that it is one of its effects . The soul is one of the hidden matters that it is not permissible to discuss in its manner, and in the correct view that some Jews asked the Prophet [ PBUH ] about the soul? So the Prophet fell silent, then God sent down [and they ask you about the spirit, tell the soul about the command of my Lord, and you have not been given of knowledge except a little ] Al-Isra : 85. . Realizing how a thing is either is by watching, seeing an equivalent peer, or by telling the truth . And what else is false . We have not seen the soul, and we have not realized its equivalent, and the truthful news has been received to us that it is not permissible to search for its essence, for we prove it despite our ignorance of how it is . Many Muslim scholars have referred to it, and whoever wrote it about Ibn al-Qayyim wrote a separate book called The Spirit .