Are images and symbols that people see in their dreams, when similar, have a single expression?

Q : Are images and symbols that people see in their dreams, when they are similar, have a single expression? A : This question is frequently asked , so does what a person sees in his sleep have one expression that does not change , meaning that a man saw the sun and the moon, for example, so they would be a symbol of his parents , a slave and a father , analogous to Joseph’s vision , and whoever saw a cow denotes the Sunnah as Joseph crossed it , and so on . . The answer : No , the visions vary in their expression from one person to another , and from time to time, the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, through his visions when he saw the cows that were slaughtered , by killing their companions on a Sunday, may God be pleased with them, and Joseph, peace and blessings be upon him, through the fat cows in the fertile years in which they abound. Livelihood, and lean cows, in years of drought in which livelihood and rain decrease . The reference to the crossing in this vision, and hopes to add to their wording, and hopes in the event of the owner and the time of Revelation, and all this draws him crossing the expression, for example , the sun has multiple aspects in terms of expression and in this reference to the crossing . For one it was said expressers : I saw the sun and the moon entered the groundwater, said die, and protested , saying the Almighty : { If lightning sight (7) and eclipsed Moon (8) and collect the sun and the moon (9) Human says that Day Where to Flee (10) ( Resurrection : 10 – 7) . He said Habis bin Saad al – Tai was the rulers of the age of the judiciary , O Commander of the Faithful : I saw the sun and the moon Aguettlan, and the stars between the two halves . Umar said : with whichever you? He said : With the moon against the sun . Omar said : I was with a verse Praised, go , I do not work for me work, not only kill in the wearing of it . . It was as Omar, may God be pleased with him, said, so he was killed on the day of Safeen (1`) , and Joseph when he saw his visions across the sun and moon with his parents . The sun and the moon if you think about , there were no one in the sense in these visions, and therefore shows you diffuse error between people – and especially – the public of them, when they see the dead , for example , think it is a metaphor for the near term, or indicator of the message or will not be implemented, and when they cry in Dreams say : He is joy, and this is not correct as it appeared to us through previous evidence .