the elephant

In a dream, he is a foreign king who is fearful, dull-hearted, carrying heavyweights, and knows of war and fighting . So whoever rides an elephant in a dream, or his king, contacted Sultan, and attained a high status, and lived for a long time in glory and prestige . And whoever rides an elephant during the day divorces his wife, and perhaps treachery and deceit, and returns his treachery and coercion against him, because God Almighty says : ( Did you not see how your Lord did to the owners of the elephant ). And an elephant in a dream is a cursed man . He who rides an elephant at night will surmount a huge, pale king and overpower him . And if he saw that he was riding in a saddle while he was obeying him, then he would marry the daughter of a huge non-Arab man, and if he was a merchant, his business would be greater . If he sees that he is milking the elephant, then he is plotting a huge king and obtaining permissible money from him . And it was said : The elephant is a king of great grace and generosity, generosity and patience, politeness and softness . If he saw that he had hit him with his hose, he would be rewarded . And if he installed it, he received a ministry and a state . The elephant indicates righteous people, scholars, and noble people, and indicates distress, misery and fatigue . If he saw that the elephant was killed in a town, then the king would die or be killed . And whoever sees that the elephant threatens him, then this indicates a disease, and if he throws it under him and falls, then the person who dreams will die . If a woman sees it, then it is not a good guide however she sees it . And whoever saw that he spoke to the elephant, he got a lot of good from the king, and if he saw that the elephant followed him running, he got harm from his king . And whoever sees that he rode an elephant in war, he shall perish . And whoever sees that he ate the meat of an elephant, he will have money from Sultan, and likewise if he took from his organs, skin, or bones . There is no good in seeing the elephant for people of righteousness and piety . If the elephant is seen emerging from a country that has a plague, it is removed from them . And whoever saw that he had killed an elephant defeated a foreign man . And whoever saw people riding elephants and were in war, they were defeated . Perhaps riding an elephant indicated injustice and lies . And whoever sees an elephant coming from one town to another, he is a ruler who moves from one town to another .