Is seeing the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, possible?

Q : Is seeing the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, possible? Did the one who saw the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, on any page, had he seen it as in the truth? Yes , and perhaps the most important examples of good vision , the vision of the Prophet peace be upon him was directed by Imam Bukhari and Muslim word from the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah said : The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : ~ from Rani in a dream has Rani, the devil is not to me ~ ( 1). In his novel , ~ from Rani in a dream Vsarani awake or as if Rani vigilance is not to the devil me . In the novel , he said peace be upon him :~ from Rani was the opinion of the right , ~ Ibn Sirin said : If Rah in his image (2 ). the fact that scientists have differed in the meaning of peace be upon him : from Rani in a dream she saw me … ~ Ibn Albaqlani said : means that his vision is correct not Bodgat nor similes the devil , and supported as saying the novel ~ was the opinion of the right ~ sigh vision is correct , and it was Ibn Sirin if cut by a man that he saw the Prophet peace be upon him , said : row me that I saw If he described an attribute he did not know, he said : You did not see him . Ibn Hajar said and his chain of transmission is authentic (3). Others said : but modern phenomenon meant that he had seen it catches do not mind prevents it . Others said : likely to be saying peace be upon him : ~ lost Rani or the right saw the devil is in the Picture ~ to be done if the opinion of the described known him in his life, the behind the dispute was a vision interpretation of Araaa fact , and it is true that he sees A fact, whether it was on his known or other capacity . Some scholars said : singled Nabih God Almighty that people see him correct all sincerity and prevent the devil imagine in created lest lying on his tongue in sleep as a breach of God the habit of the prophets peace be upon them a miracle , and as impossible that the devil imagined in his image in the vigilance , if signed suspected the truth with falsehood and did not Aathag what he brought fear of this perception Vhamaha Allah from Satan and Nzgh and Osuste and reciting and Kedah (4), said Imam Ibn Hajar : it seems to me that what is meant by Rani in a dream any recipe was Felictbhr and knew that he had seen Revelation truth that is from God , not the wrong that is the dream, the devil is not to me (5) ~ But the meaning of ~ to as if Rani in vigilance ~ is subject to the words : one of them : that what is meant by the people of his time and means that Rah sleep and had not migrated help him God Almighty for migration and then see the Apostle visibly . the second question : he sees the ratification of that vision in vigilance in the Hereafter ; because he sees in the afterlife all the nation from Rah in the world and has not seen . III : he sees in the Hereafter vision of his own in the proximity of it and get Chweath and so ________________________________ (1 ) Narrated by Bukhari As in the opening (12 /383 ) door saw the Prophet peace be upon him in a dream , and as a Muslim in the nuclear (15 /24 ). (2 ) Narrated by Bukhari as in the opening (12 /383 ) door saw the Prophet peace be upon him in a dream , and as a Muslim in the nuclear (15 /26 ). (3 ) See : Ibn Hajar – op (4) Ibn Hajar – op – (12/389) and nuclear previous reference – (15/25). (5) Ibn Hajar – Previous Reference – (12/389). ** Quoted by Dr. Fahd Al-Osaimi