What is the difference between dream expression and fortune-telling?

What is the difference between dream expression and fortune telling? Or what about people’s ways of claiming knowledge of the unseen, and is interpretation of dreams part of claiming knowledge of the unseen? And how do you respond to those who say that the expression of dreams is a form of fortune-telling or astrology ..! ? This talk is transmitted among people, and it exists, and the authors of this talk need to ask themselves first a question : What is the difference between someone who holds a crystal ball and claims that through it he watches the future, or asks you about your mother’s name? Here he is mocking in marriage and accusing you of adultery, which is claimed by the one who was born through him to his mother, or he asks you to raise one of your hands and read the lines in your hand and then tell you what will happen to you, or he steps in the sand, or he asks you about your sign …. , and other methods that Among the owners of the horoscopes and the charlatans, what is the difference between them, and between those who link the vision with the verses of the Noble Qur’an, or the purified Sunnah, and say in the beginning of the interpretation what has been mentioned and what is proven about the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, or it is proven on the authority of his companions, such as : [ Good, I have seen and evil is sufficient, If you believe your vision, such-and-such happened ] and he says before or after his interpretation : And God knows best? I think the difference is clear for everyone who is fair and for everyone who is stripped of their passion. As for those who fight this field for personal reasons, or are hostile to some of the approaches of the expressors who have included in the expression what is not of it, such as acts of worship, the signs of the hour, or the prediction of events that will occur, and the certainty of them, and determining specific periods for their occurrence And he thinks unknowingly about our approach, and does not follow what we propose, and he may not have watched one episode of this program, but he is still riding the wave of opposition, he thinks that we are among these people, I say stop ….. and do not continue to oppose you until you see our argument, And listen to our saying, and do not be like a fireman at night . I invite every fair person to read what Ibn al-Qayyim, may God have mercy on him, said in Zad al-Maad [4/255]. He said when he was exposed to the ways of people claiming to know the unseen : It is sufficient to consider one of its branches, which is the expression of the vision, because if the servant implemented in it and completed his knowledge, he came with miracles . We and others have seen strange matters in which the crossing is ruled by fast and slow, honest judgments, and those who hear it say, this is an unseen science ! Rather, it is knowledge of what is absent from others for reasons that are unique to their knowledge and hidden from others …… until he said : Contrary to the knowledge of the vision, it is true, not invalid. Because the vision is based on dream revelation, and it is part of the parts of prophethood . Hence, the more the seer is truer, more innocent, and more knowledgeable, the more correct his expression is, unlike the priest, the astrologer, and their strikes, who have an extension of their brothers from the demons, for their making is not valid for one who is truthful, or who is righteous, or whoever worships the law, but rather they are more like magicians who are more lying and blewer and farther away from God And his Messenger and his religion, magic was with him stronger and more influential, unlike the knowledge of Sharia and the truth, because the more righteous, truthful, and judicious, the more his knowledge of him and his influence over him was stronger, and God is success . His words ended . Here I say to those of us who oppose the expression or claim that we are pretending to be unseen, what do you think after this statement