Wheat see in a dream indicates a man who has money and who is honorable if he does not need to sell it . If he needs to sell it, he will be humiliated . If he saw the governor selling wheat, he indicated his isolation and the separation between him and his brother . It was said : Hanat is a king to whom the kings are obedient, or a merchant who heads the merchants, or a worker who is obeyed by the wage earners . And whoever thinks it is as if he bought wheat from wheat, then he seeks guardianship from a ruler, and if he abstains from this world, and thanks God Almighty for his blessings . And whoever sees as if he owns wheat and does not touch it and does not need it, then he will suffer honor and honor, because wheat is the most honorable food . If he saw as if he pursued her request and needed it or touched it, he would have lost or weakened, and was dismissed if he was a ruler . Seeing the wheatgrass indicates ease after hardship, sincere preparation, livelihood, and righteous deeds .