Can I know that the vision is from the Most Gracious or from the Devil?

Can I know that the vision is from the Most Gracious or from the Devil? This can be demonstrated in several ways, namely : 1 / That what was in agreement with the pleasure of God, and in agreement with what His Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, brought; He is from the king – by opening the meme and the lam – , and what was not in agreement with his pleasure is from the casting of the Devil . 2 / That what yields a turn to God, a turn to Him, a mention of Him and an increase in energy, is from the casting of the king . And what is fruitful against that is from casting Satan . 3 / Whatever bequeathed men and light in the heart, and a bifurcation in the chest, it is from the king, and what is inherited against that, it is from Satan . 4 / That what is bequeathed peace and tranquility is from the king . Whatever bequeathed anxiety, annoyance and turmoil is from Satan . Royal inspiration abounds in the pure, pure, believing hearts, for the king has a connection with it, and between him and her is an occasion, for he is pure goodness, and he is adjacent to only a heart that suits him, so the king’s wig with this heart is more than the wig of the devil . As for the dark heart that has blackened with the smoke of desires and suspicions, the devil throws and blamed him with more than the blame of the king, and who made the heart dark, and sins and sins are not hidden from the reader, and this is evidenced by his saying, may God bless him and grant him peace : If a servant sinned, he jokes in his heart. Black joke …. Hadith, and is indicated by the Almighty’s saying : “ No, but what they won in their hearts rang” . See : Al- Rooh by Ibn Al-Qayyim : 380 p .