From the land, its mountains, its soil, and its country

On the land, its mountains, its soil, its country, its villages, its role, its buildings, its palaces, its forts, its facilities, its mirages, its sand, its hills, its baths, its baskets, its markets, its shops, its roofs, its gates, its roads, its prisons, its sale, its churches, the houses of its fire, its corridors, and the like. The world is in the world, and the sky is over the Hereafter, because the world is nearer, and the Hereafter is delayed, especially since Paradise is in the sky, and the well-known earth indicates the city in which he is, and its people and inhabitants . And it indicates travel, if it is a traveled path like deserts and prairies, and indicates a woman if she is one of what he perceives her limits, and he sees the first and the last of them . And she indicates the woman and the wife, because she stepped in, plowed, sowed, and watered, so she would carry, give birth, and lay her plant until its completion . Perhaps the earth was a mother because we were created from it . He who owns an unknown land, gets rich if he is poor, gets married if he is single, and he gets married if he is a worker . And if he sells land or goes out of it to another, he will die if he is sick, especially if the land to which he moved is unknown, and he is poor if he is affluent, especially if the land he parted with was grass and pasture, or he left from a doctrine to a doctrine, if he was an overseer . If he goes out from arid land to fertile land, then he moves from heresy to Sunnah, and if it is otherwise, then the matter is against him, and if he sees that he is hoping to travel, then it is what he meets in his journey, and if he sees as if the earth has split apart then a young man leaves from it, enmity appears among its people If an old man came out of it, their grandfather was happy and gained fertility, and if he saw it split, nothing came out of it and nothing entered into it, an evil event occurred on the earth, and if seven came out of it, it indicated the appearance of an unjust ruler, and if it came out alive, then it remains torment in that area . And if the land was split with plants, its people gained fertility, and if he saw that he was digging the earth and eating from it, he obtained money with cunning, because digging is deceitful, and if he sees a land that breaks up with the plant and he thinks it is his possession and rejoices in that, he indicates that he gets what he desires and dies quickly, for God Almighty says : Even if they rejoiced at what they had come, we took them suddenly . ~ And whoever folds the land with his hand, he will be given a possession, and it has been said that the fold of the land has acquired an inheritance . A narrow land, narrow living . And from his word the earth is good, he attained good in religion and the world, and her suspicious words of unknown meaning, money of suspicion .