Marriage and getting married

Whoever saw that the Caliph had married him : he had attained a mandate, and if a man married him from the pride of people, he would have a relief from worries and a cure for diseases . And whoever sees that an unknown sheikh is marrying his wife, he will gain a profit and an extra amount, then the sheikh is his grandfather . If a young man marries her, then his enemy is serving him and urging him to injustice and abuse . And the disheveled, if he is imprisoned, release him . And whoever sees as if he is marrying his dead mother in her grave, then he dies because God Almighty says : “From it we created you, and in it we will return you .” And whoever saw it as if he had married a maid will get good . If he sees that he is marrying a woman in a manner other than permissible, then he is asking for something other than his face and not benefiting from it . If a man sees as if he is marrying his slave or slave girl, he will gain an increase in his money and be happy with what he owned . If he sees that his servant is having intercourse with him, then his servant despises him . And it was said that he who saw that he had divorced his wife was excused, because God Almighty said : “ And if they are separated, God will enrich each of his power .” And it was said that this vision indicates that its owner is leaving a king who was accompanying him, because women are plotting like kings, and divorce is parting . It was said that the woman’s divorce was to remove him from the governor, and the manufacturer left his craft . If he divorces her back then he returns to his job . And whoever sees that he is jealous, he is careful .