The woman’s spindle and her vocalizations : So they are indicative of the marriage of the celibate, the purchase of the ummah, and the birth of a pregnant woman . As for what men spinning from men, he travels or does something that indicates the essence of the spun, or he spins into poetry . If he spins what women are spinning, then all of that is a humiliation that takes place on him on a travel or otherwise, or he does a work in which he denies it, and is not prohibited . As for spinning a woman, it is evidence of a traveler who is traveling for her or absent, because he travels on her behalf and returns to her, otherwise it will benefit from the work and manufacture of her hand . It was narrated on the authority of Dhu al-Qarnayn that he said : Ghazl is the age of the man . If he sees it as a spinning or weaving and has finished copying, then he dies . And the loose spindle is the woman’s husband, her loss, her divorce, her presence, her revision, and her nullification, her covenant broke her .