Calendula fat

Altmartia fat : good praise good, fat virosa praise ugly, and it was said fat grams originally, it felt like a fat bottle and taking them fat and anoint him or fat by others, it is unctuous or Heleph lying or informer, the verse : ~ and if born Tdhn Vidhnon The verse . And whoever saw that he had anointed his head, he would become agitated if he exceeded the amount and spilled on the face . If it does not exceed the known amount, it is a decoration . A fragrant oil is a good compliment, and a stinky fat is an ugly praise . It was said that stinking fat is an adulterous woman or an immoral man . And they said, ~Whoever adorns the head of a man in a position that he denies, let the object in it beware of the subject of flattery and deceit .~ If he sees his face painted, then he is a man who fasts forever . And whoever sees that he has been promoted : or someone else has watered it in a mug, it indicates the length of his life .