Ash : false speech that does not benefit from it . And whoever kindles a fire at the gate of Sultan, he will obtain possession and power . If he sees a high, bright fire that has a great light for the benefit of the people, then he is a royal man of benefit . If he sees that he is sitting with a saying about a fire that saves its inhabitants, that is a blessing, a blessing and a strength, because God Almighty says : “ Blessed are those who are in the fire and those around it .” And if he saw a fire, you were taken out of his home, he would attain a state, trade, or power in a trade. If he saw a fire that fell from his head or came out of his hand and had light and rays, and his wife was pregnant, she gave birth to a boy, and he would have great news . If he sees a flame of fire at the door of his house and there is no smoke in it, then he should perform Hajj . If he sees her in his home, he is wedding in that house . If he spoils a fire in a dark night, he attains strength, victory, pleasure, grace and authority, according to the story of Moses, peace be upon him . And whoever sees in his skirt a burning fire, his wife will carry it if he is fit . If he saw fire descending from the sky and burned it and the burning did not affect him, then the soldiers would descend his home . If he sees fire coming out of his finger, then he is an unjust writer, and if it comes out of his mouth, then it is a dimple . If it comes out of his palm, he is an unjust maker . And whoever burns a fire in ruin and calls people to it, he calls them to misguidance and heresy, and he answers him from his injury . And whoever sees his house burned, his house will be destroyed imminently . And Ibn Sirin came to a man and said : I saw as if I was praying with my fear with fire, so one of them fell into the fire and it was burned, and the fire hit from another . Ibn Sirin said : You have cattle on the land of Persia, and half of it has been changed and gone, and a little bit of the other half has been hit . It was so . And whoever sees as if he is in fire and does not find its freedom, he will obtain charity, a king, and victory over his enemies, according to Abraham’s story . And whoever sees an extinguishing fire or flame or evil, he will live in riots, strife and distress in the place where it is extinguished . And whoever sees a fire being lit in his house, its people will be lit by it, it is extinguished, for the values ​​of the house will die, and if that is in a country then it is the death of its world leader . If it is extinguished in his garden, it is his death or the death of his family . If the wind goes out and there is a wind in his house and lights it, the thieves enter his house . If he saw that he lit a fire and was awake at war, then if he was put out, oppression, and if he was a merchant, he did not win .