Visions Can determine the gender or name of the birth?

Visions Can you specify the gender or name of the birth? The difference between the two expressions abounds in the one who thinks that he has a girl and is a son, or vice versa , that she is a pipe resulting from thinking , and for this pregnant woman who is of this kind, dreams about childbirth and the gender of the newborn abound , and only the auditor distinguishes it from the two expressions . As for choosing the name of the newborn based on a vision , it is not necessary to implement the commandment that is presented through visions or dreams in general , and here we must differentiate between the visions of the prophets, which are revelations that are obligatory to implement , and the visions of others , which should not be implemented , especially if it comes with a command It violates the Sharia , for example , and as for what is received through visions for some and carries an order to name something , it is not obligatory to adhere to it and there is no sin on me who violates it .