Walnut tree

A walnut tree, for he is a blind, scarce, miserable man, and likewise its fruit, is money that does not come out except with labor and swindling. Likewise, if the moon of its owner is able to gain what he requested, and the origin of all that is forbidden and corrupt, if he sees that it is on a walnut tree, then it is related to a huge blind man, and if he descends from it, what is between him and that man will not be completed . If he falls from it or dies, then it is killed by a huge man or a king, and if it is broken by it, that huge man perishes, and the fallen perishes if he saw that he died when he fell, and if he did not die when he fell, then he will survive . Likewise, if he sees that his hands or feet are broken at that, then he is on the verge of perdition and attains a great affliction, but he survives after that . Likewise, every great tree runs the course of walnuts, and ascribes in their essence like walnuts to lexis .