Vine and grapes

Generosity and grapes : Generosity is indicative of women because it is like the garden for its drinking and carrying it and the pleasure of its taste, especially since the narcotic sugar of the body comes from it, and it is like numbness of intercourse with the juice in it, and it is indicative of marriage because it is like the sperm . And perhaps the generous man indicated the beneficial horse because of the abundance of benefits of grapes, as he is like the ruler, the world, and the horse with money, so whoever owns a vineyard as we describe it will marry a woman if he is celibate, or he is able to a generous man, then he looks at his consequences and what will happen to him in the time of generosity in the turnout and management. This was in the period of time and the woman was sick and perished from her illness, and if she was pregnant she came to a slave girl, and if he was hoping for a release, connection, or money from a ruler or at the hands of a ruler or a ruler or a woman such as a mother, sister and wife, that is forbidden and he is unable to, even if her marriage contract was not He has to reach his wife to him, and if he is affluent, then he is poor, and if he is in demand and hypocrisy in his market and his industry, he is excused and stagnant, and if that is in the coming of time and summer, the matter is against him, and all of that is valid . Black grapes in their time are sickness and fear, and they may be whips for those who possess them according to the number of love, and it does not benefit from the blackness of its color with harm to its substance . White grapes in his time are the juice and goodness of the world, and at other times he will receive money before the time he was hoping for . And whoever sees that he is squeezing a vineyard, take the juice and leave what is left over, which is that the king should take possession of the king of juice by force . Likewise, cane juice and other things, because juice and its benefits prevail over what is other than what is with it from what is not touched by the fire, except for what is differentiated in its essence . It was said that whoever picked up a bunch of grapes got from his wife a sum of money, and it was said that the money was 1,000 dirhams . And it was said that black grapes are money that does not remain, and if they see them drooping from their vine, then it is very cold and fear . Some of the commentators said : Black grapes are not disliked, because God Almighty says : ~ Sugar and good food .~ Zachariah, peace be upon him, used to find him with Mary, as he did not hate and most expressers hated him . It was said that he was next to the son of Noah when his father called for him, and he was white in color, so when the color changed, the grapes around him changed, and the origin of the black is that . And what was fruit is not cut off in all parts, and it has no time and no substance that spoils it, it is good like dates and raisins, and whatever was found at the time and executed at the time of others, it is good during its time except what it has a hated name or an ugly news, and in other than its time It is eventually hated . Whatever has an origin indicating the abomination is in his desire and distress, and at other times he was beaten or sick, like the two . Because Adam, peace be upon him, was afraid of his leaves and blamed him at his tree, and he was worried and regretted, so this was necessary at all times, and his tree and paper were also required . Whatever was yellow in color was a disease, such as quince, hawthorn and watermelon, with its harm outside his life, and other than yellowing worries and sorrows . If it was sour, it was beaten with the whips to eat it, especially if it was a number, because the fruit of the whip on the end . And the trees, which are the root of the fruit, are a dry stick . And what had a name in its derivation of benefit, carry its interpretation to its wording if that was stronger than its meanings, such as green quince at other times is tired, and yellow is a disease . And green peaches : the pain of them or a brother, and yellow disease . And the jujube : in his time he is appointed by the company or the division, and the green in the other than his time is misfortune and accidents that afflict him, and his dryness at all times has a blue flower, and his tree is a man of complete mind and good face, and it was said an honorable man who is a man of pleasure, pride and sultanate .