The roses

The rose : a son or honorable money, and it was said that a rose indicates an absent or a book . And it was said that the roses are a paradoxical woman, or a boy who dies, or a trade that does not last, or a joy that disappears, because of the lack of survival of the roses . And whoever sees as if a young man has given him a response, then an enemy of him pays him a covenant that does not last for him . And whoever sees that he has a wreath on his head, he will marry a woman and the division between them will be close . And if a woman sees that, then she has a husband in this capacity . And the happy rose is the flower of this world without having power or survival . And he cut the rose tree in cloud, and picked the roses in pleasure, and picked the white from his garden, kissed his chaste woman . If the roses are red, then his wife is a cheerful person . And if the roses are yellow, then she is a straightened woman . And picking up the rose buttons that did not open, evidence of a woman aborting a child . And it was said that the roses are kind . And whoever picked up a large well-known rose, it was accepted by him repeatedly for a beautiful, beautiful woman whom every person would like, throwing the ugly article, and she was innocent of it : A group of expressors said : The two winds are few and many of them are sadness . The roses cry, delusion and sadness, except for what is seen in the place in which it is known, without touching it or pulling it off . The basil cries if it is removed from its position and its tree dies . As for as long as he is alive in his plant, you find his scent, then he is a child and something similar . As well as roses, myrtle, pepper, and everything that is attributed to the two winds, as well as pulses and what is unknown to the number of its origins in its reproduction, it is they and sorrow . And they eat legumes and mourning, and mint mourns . As for the jasmine : it was narrated that a man came to Hasan al-Basri, may God have mercy on him, and said : I saw yesterday as if the angels came down from heaven picking up jasmine from Basra . Al-Hassan recalled and said : Basra scholars are gone . It has been said that Jasmine indicates worry and sadness, because its first name is Yas .