Apples : He is the man’s concern and what he tries, and he is as eager as the one he sees. If he is a king then seeing apples is his for him, and if he is a merchant then apples are his trade, and if he is a plowman then seeing apples he plows . Likewise, apples are the same for those who see their concern that interest him, and if he sees that he has struck an apple or has eaten it or owned it, then he will obtain from that energy as much as it has been described . It was said : Sweet apples are permissible sustenance, and sour is forbidden . And whoever the Sultan throws an apple, then he is a messenger in him . The apple tree is a believer, close to people, so whoever sees that he plants the apple tree, he raises an orphan . And whoever sees that he eats an apple, he eats what people do not look at, and if he picked it up, he would get money from an honest man with good praise . And apples are numbered dirhams, if he smelled an apple in a mosque, he gets married . Likewise, if a woman smells it in a gathering, then she is famous, and if she eats it in a well-known location, she will give birth to a good son . And biting apples get good, mnay and profit . It was narrated that Hisham bin Abd al-Malik saw before the caliphate as if he had struck nineteen and a half apples, then he recounted his visions on a crossing and said to him : You possess nineteen and a half years . Soon, the crown prince of the mentioned caliphate .