Is the name of the king entrusted with the vision mentioned?

Q : Is there a name for the king entrusted with the vision? C : the vision that we knew already , and we have drawn from its definition , it is multiplied by the actions of the king , who beat her God and the whole vision, evidenced by the seer , including hitting him on his ideals, and expresses ment to his likeness, and therefore called an expression of interpretation . This king was told : that his name ( Sidikon ) did not stand on the news is true to this label, but says the king of vision, or the king without the allocation of the name of the evidence narrated by Ahmad in Musnad, narrated from Jabir ibn Abdullah that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , he said ~ I saw as if I had come with a date mass and its stump was in my mouth, and I found in it a kernel that hurt me, so I blew it, then I took another and I found it in it, and I found a nucleus in it, so I blew it, then I took a third, and I found a nucleus in it, so I blew it . Abu Bakr said : Let me cross it. He said : He said, cross it . Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him, said : It is your army that you have sent to greet and gain, so they cast a man and he sought them out for you and called him, then they met a man and he sought them out for your responsibility and called him, then they met a man and he sought your responsibility and called him. The king said : Likewise the king said . What concerns me from the mention of the hadith is that the noble messenger called him the king, but he did not name him, even if he had a name to name him, as he named other angels, such as Gabriel, Israfil, Michael, and others . Some descriptions have been mentioned about this king, whose authenticity I have not found. Including that is that what lies between his earlobes and his shoulder is a journey of seven hundred years . Ibn Hajar said in Al-Fath : Al-Hakim said : God entrusted the vision with an angel who was aware of the conditions of the sons of Adam from the preserved tablet, and he copied them and gave each his story an example, and if a person slept, the king would like things to him on the path of wisdom, so that he would have good tidings, a warning, or reproach .