Aquarius : A man extracts money by deceit, so whoever sees that he buys from a well of water and contains water in his vessel, then he contains money from deception . If he saw that he emptied it in other than a container, then he did not spend that water with him until it was gone and its benefits were gone . If he watered it in his orchard, he would hit a woman, and he would hit her . If the garden bears fruit, then he will strike a child as he sees from it . If he sees an old well and watered from it camels, people or livestock, then he does the best and most honorable deeds from the land according to his strength and found it in it, and he is like a shepherd who drains water from the well for his flock of camels and want . And whoever sees that he is dropping from an ancient well and watering the animal, then he is a hypocrisy of a religion or a world according to his power over it . And if he sees that he makes a special difference to himself, then he attains in his work a minimal interest in proportion to his strength because of the tendency of Aquarius for his world in particular . The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : I saw as if I was in the heart of a black sheep, then Abu Bakr took the bucket after he took away one or two sins, and when he took it away was weakness, and God would forgive him, then he took the bucket after him, Omar bin al-Khattab, and the sheep mixed with eggs, so the bucket became impossible. West in his hand, I have not seen a male genius Efrik O Ibn al-Khattab . It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Abbas and said : I saw as if I poured a bucket into a well, and two thirds of the bucket was filled, and a third remained . He said : You are absent from your family for six months and your wife is pregnant and will give birth to a boy . He said : What is the evidence? He said : Because I made the well a woman, and the good news that was in the pit was Yusef, peace be upon him, so I knew that he was a boy, and two-thirds of the bucket was six months, and the remaining third was three months . He said : She believed her book had been mentioned that she was pregnant six months ago .