From a righteous vision

Abu Ya’qub Ishaq bin Badran al-Faqih told us in Mecca, he said Ibrahim bin Muhammad told us, he said: Abu Bakr bin Abi al-Dunya told us, he said : Muhammad said Malik bin Dhigham told me, he said: I heard Bakr bin Muadh mention about Anbasah al-Khawas, that a man from the first chest entered the graves, He passed by a skull evident from some of the graves, and he became very sad and buried it, then he turned right and left, and he did not see anyone and only saw a grave . He said, and he spoke to himself and said : If he revealed some of them to me, I would ask him what I see . He said, then he came in his sleep, and it was said to him : Do not be deceived by the construction of graves above them, for the people have had their cheeks worn in the dirt, and among those who are happy await the reward of God, and among those who are sad, he will be cured of his punishment, so beware of neglecting what you have seen . Then the man worked diligently until he died .