What do we Muslims believe in the reality of sleep?

What do we Muslims believe in the reality of sleep? Sleep is a sign of God ‘s miracle function perfection ability and resurrection of the dead, and God made him rest for the body and spirit together, as he says : [ and mercy make you day and night to repose in it , and you may seek from the bounty of the meaning ] stories 73. The Almighty says [ God who made the night find repose in the day – sighted ] Ghafir 61 says the Almighty [ who is a God comes to you at night , you live in it ..] stories 72 and say grateful , including the creation of verses including the night [ unconformity Alabbah make night accommodation, sun and moon thunderbolt ] cattle 96 , he said the Almighty [ and Halna Nomkm repose and made us night clothes and made the day a pension ] news 9 11 If God made in the night verse indicates his ability and then worship and monotheism to him, and make at night serenity, tranquility and security, and progress and said : [ as Agshekm sleepy safe from him ] Anfal 11