Hair shaving for men

As for shaving men’s hair during Hajj and shortening it, in interpretation it is security, conquest, and the fulfillment of a debt and a chick, because God Almighty says : “You shall enter the Sacred Mosque, God willing, in safety, shaving your heads and falling short, and you will not be afraid .” And in non-Hajj as well, except that in Hajj it is stronger . This is if the person with the vision is not a president, and if he is a leader and shaved off the season, his visions indicate his lack, isolation, or breach of his cover, so this vision is for the poor to spend a debt, and for the rich to lose money . And if the person of the vision was one of the people of righteousness, his cruelty was weak, and if he did not see that he did not shave his head, but saw that he was shaved, he triumphed over the enemies and gained strength and pride . Some of them said : The shaving is only suitable for interpretation for those who are accustomed to shaving, and it is not suitable for those whose habit is shaving . And it was said that shaving the head of a warrior requires testimony in interpretation .