Nose vision

As for the nose : it is said that it is a beauty for men, and it is said that it is the relationship of a man, and if he sees as if he has no nose, then there is no mercy for him . If he sees as if he has two noses, then it indicates a difference between him and his family, because the nose is not a stranger, so if he smells a good smell, it indicates a vulva that affects him . If the woman of the visionary is pregnant, she is giving birth to a happy son . And it is said that the nose, the boy, and it is said to be prestige and wisdom . It is said the parents, and the interpretation of what enters the nose, the course of medication, and whatever is bad for it enters into it, it is a sinner that suppresses it, and whoever sees it as if it has a hose, indicates that it has a strong calculation .