Tooth vision

As for the teeth : they are the people of the man’s house, so the upper ones are the men of the household, and the lower ones are the women, the fang is the master of his house, the right is the father, the left is the uncle, and if they are not two brothers or sons, if they are not then two brothers, the fourth is the cousin, the maidens, maternal and aunts And whoever takes their place in the advice, grandparents’ molars, young sons, the lower right-hand fold of the mother, and the left-hand aunt, if not there are two sisters or two daughters or their substitute, the lower quadrant is the daughters of the uncles and daughters of aunts, and the lower fangs are the daughters of the maternal and aunts And lower molars, the farthest from the man’s household, are women and young girls . The movement of some teeth is evidence of one who is interpreted in the disease, and his fall and loss is evidence of his death or his absence from him by the absence of someone who does not return to him, and if he struck him after losing it, then he returns, and his erosion is evidence of a calamity afflicting those who belong to him . Teeth chatter on an argument between his family . If he sees a scab in his teeth, then it is a defect in his household, he should return to it . Stinking teeth is the ugliness of praise for the household, and the weariness of the teeth is the weakness of the people of his household, and the purification of the teeth from the plaque indicates the financial expense in the denial of their worries . And the whiteness of the teeth, their length and their beauty, an increase in strength, money and prestige for the household . If he sees as if he grew up with his folds like it, then his household will increase . If he sees that growing up with her is harmful to her, then the extra in the household will be a disgrace and a scourge for him . If he saw as if he had pulled his teeth, his visions indicated that he had cut his womb, or that he would spend his money on disliking him . If he sees as if he is throwing his teeth with his tongue, the affairs of his household are spoiled by words he speaks . If he sees as if his teeth are of gold, and if he is from the people of knowledge and words, his visions are praised, otherwise they are not praised, because they indicate illness or fire in other than knowledge and his people, and if he sees as if they are of silver, it indicates a loss of money . If he sees it from glass or wood, it indicates death . If he sees the sockets of his teeth, they fall out, and they grow in another place, indicating that his affairs and measures have changed . And it was said that whoever saw his upper teeth fell into his hand, then it is money that becomes his . If he saw her fall in his lap, then he is a son, because God Almighty says : ~ And he speaks to people in the cradle .~ I mean in stone . If he saw her fall to the ground, it is death . If he saw as if he caught the fallen from his sheep and did not bury him, then he benefits instead of someone like him in compassion and advice, as well as interpretation in the rest of the members if a pest afflicted it and did not bury it . If he sees as if teeth have grown in his heart, then it indicates his death, and it was said that the falling of the teeth indicates an obstacle that hinders what he wants, and it was said that it is the evidence of paying off debts . If he sees as if all his teeth have fallen out, and he takes them in his sleeve or his stone, then he lives a long life until his teeth fall out, and the number of his household increases . And if he sees as if all his teeth have been cut off and gone from his sight, then his household will die before him, and that may have been the death of his own age . Of people, and his peers in age . And if he sees as if people are rubbing him with their molars or biting him, then he can humble people and not be humiliated, and it was said that he should make the mouth like the house, and the teeth are like the inhabitants, so what is in them on the right side indicates males, and what is from the left indicates females. All people except a little of them . And it was said that whoever saw his teeth break, he should spend his debt a little bit . If his teeth fall out without pain, this indicates actions that are invalidated . If he sees that it is falling without pain, it indicates that something in his house has gone . And if the teeth fell out, they prevented a person from doing anything that is done by speaking and saying . If there is still pain or blood or flesh coming out, then that nullifies or spoils the desired matter . As for the healthy, free and traveling, if all their teeth fall out, this indicates a long illness and falling into tuberculosis without dying, and that is that a person cannot obtain strong food without teeth, but he uses cups and juices, but rather does not die because the dead do not lose their teeth, and the thing that He does not offer the dead to the dead. He is a savior for the sick. For this reason, he became praiseworthy in illness . And if all their teeth fall out, then it indicates the speed of their survival from the disease, and as for the traveling merchants, it indicates the lightness of their pregnancy, especially if he sees that these teeth are moving, and if he sees as if some of his teeth have long and become more bone, then this indicates an argument and a quarrel in a house . And if his teeth were black, decayed and crooked, and he saw their fall, he would be saved from all adversity . If he sees as if his teeth are falling out while he takes them in his hand or with his beard and in his lap, this indicates that his children are cut off, so he is not born for him, and what he gives birth to is neither left nor raised . And he narrated that a man saw all his teeth fell out, and he was so sad, and he narrated his vision on a crossing, and he said : All your teeth will die before you, and it was so . And another saw as if he had taken three teeth from his mouth in his palm, and he attached his fingertips to them, so he told him that he had found a dirham and a half .