In the vision of the prophets and messengers in general and the vision of Muhammad in particular

In the vision of the prophets and messengers in general and the vision of Muhammad in particular, I heard Abu Bakr Ahmed bin Al-Husayn bin Mahran Al-Maqri, he said : I bought a maid who I think is Turkish, and she did not know my tongue, and I do not know her tongue, and my companions had a neighbor who translates from her, he said, so one day she was asleep, so I realized while she was crying And she cries and says : O my lord, teach me the opening of the book, so I said to myself, I look at her malice, you know my tongue and do not talk to me, so my friends gathered together and said to her : You did not know his tongue and the time, how do you speak to him? And the maid said : I saw in my dream an angry man and many people were behind him while he was walking, so I said who is this? They said Moses, peace be upon him . Then I saw a man who was better than him and with people while he was walking, so I said who is this? So they said Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, so I said I would go with this, so he came to a large door, which is the gate of Heaven, so it knocked and it opened for him and for whom he entered, and I and two women stayed, so we checked the door and it opened, and it was said that one who is good to read the opening of the book is given permission, so they read and give them permission, and remain I am . So he taught me the opening of the book, he said, and I taught it with great hardship, and when I preserved it, it fell dead . Professor Abu Saad, may God have mercy on him, said : The vision of the prophets, may God’s prayers be upon them, is one of two things, either as good news or warning . Then there are two strikes : one of them is that he sees a prophet in his condition and appearance, for that is evidence of the goodness of the person of the vision, his pride, the perfection of his standing and his victory over those who are against him, and the second one sees him changing the situation with a frowning face. a prophet, indicated that betray the Secretariat and the Covenant to denounce the verse : ( mind the things Nqdahm their covenant and disbelief in the verses of Allah and kill the prophets unjustly ). This is on the whole, and as for the details : If he saw Adam, peace be upon him, in his appearance, he would have attained a great mandate if he was worthy of it . Because God Almighty says : ( I am a caliph on the earth ) , and if he sees that he spoke to him, he will receive a note of the Almighty saying : ( And Adam knew all the names ).