What is the ruling on those who lie in the vision?

What is the ruling on those who lie in the vision? A stern warning to those who lie came in a dream, holding Bukhari in his Saheeh door : lied in his dream, and a leg in which recent examples : First : the hadeeth of Ibn Abbas that the Prophet peace be upon him said : (( from the dream of a dream not seen assigned to take place between Sairtin and will not do , and listened to an interview with the people they have grudgingly or fleeing from him pouring into his ear Alank the day of Resurrection, and images image tortured and commissioned to blow it and not Bnafaj )) Narrated by Ahmad and Women from the novel Qatada , may Allah be pleased with him and came in another report from Abu Hurayrah : (( Who has lied about his visions )). The second : the hadith of Ibn Umar that the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said : ((It is the most unfortunate of the furry that his eyes see what he did not see )) , and in the narration : (( what he did not see )) and the meaning : the furry is the greatest of lies, and the blame The Great Lie . And what it means : He who dreamed, that is, who was assigned this dream . And you notice from the two hadiths the severity of the torment of the liar in the dream. The reason for this is explained to us by Imam al-Tabari, who said : The warning has only intensified, although lying while awake may be more corrupt than it. As it may be testimony in killing, hudud, or taking money; Because lying in a dream lied to God that I see what has not seen, and lying to God more than lying on the creatures of the verse : { It is more unjust than he who invents a lie against Allah those offering to the Lord and say aloud those who lied to their Lord , not God’s curse on the oppressors } [ Hood : 18] Rather, lying in a dream was a lie to God because of the hadith : ((The vision is part of the prophethood )) , and what was part of the prophethood is from God, and I return to the word : (the ank ) ; And now that you are dissolved lead, it is poured into his ear because the reward is the same as the work, and here I have no luck that the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, in the hadith said : ((He who dreams of a dream )) and called it a dream and did not name him a vision because he claimed that he saw and did not see anything, so he was a liar and a lie. He is from Satan, and the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, “Pass by us : (The dream is from Satan )) , and whatever is from Satan is not true . Here , no luck similarity penalty photographer namely : (( Vlakhalqgua pill or create ritual …)) talk, punishment , which is lying in the dream which is : [ to be held between Sairtin ] and the meaning of the contract between the Alsairtin : to spin to each other, and this is usually impossible, and the similarity Here between the photographer and the liar in his dream : that the vision was created from the creation of God and it is a moral image, so he entered in his lie an image that did not occur, just as the photographer introduced into existence an image that is not a reality, because the true image is the one in which the soul is, so the owner of the gentle image – the dreamer – assigned something nice and it is The connection expressed by the contract between the two barley, and he assigned the owner of the dense image – the photographer – a severe matter, which is to complete what he created by his claim by blowing the soul, and he signed and promised each of them that he would be tortured until he did what he was entrusted with while he was not a doer, it is a metaphor for the torture of each of them always, Except that God have mercy on them, and this emphasis on the liar in his dream because he lied about the gender of prophethood, and the photographer disputed the Creator in his power